Frode Hernes

About me,

I live in Oslo, spending my time at home at Ulvøya and in the beautiful nature in the surrounding area. A lot of time I spend with my kids, Marie and Robert. I am also an active scout and I love canoeing, rollerblading kitesurfing and snowboarding.

I have 30 years of experience in the computing industry and have worked in R&D, and product marketing in software development, networking and Internet companies such as Norsk Data (office software, messaging and EDI), MaXware (electronic mail, EDI and directories), TelePost (web initiated telephony and messaging), Screen Media (wireless webpad), Birdstep (wireless networking software) and now Opera Software (web browser). I have also contributed to several ISO/CCITT standards and RFCs in the messaging and directories areas, and I was one of the authors of X.445.


Hot Spots

Scouting (Speiding)


My daughter Marie's pages







Download Opera is the private home page of Frode Hernes and his personal activities in the company "Strikk og Binders" which might translate to "band-aid solutions". ©2003 Frode Hernes
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